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We have come a long way in the past one year. After deep conversations, we have come to realise that if there’s one thing we believe in, it’s that the cultural fit always comes before the skill sets. We look to hire the best talent who are deeply aligned with our values. Some of these values are ingrained, rest - we want to achieve. And they keep evolving with time. We make it a point that these are not just mere words, and are followed in our day-to-day work, especially during hard times. is being built on the solid foundation of these values.

  • Customer First

    We start with our customers and work backwards. We focus on our customers and our mission with great intensity, and continuously say no to other deviations that yearn for our attention. We invest in user research. Our customer’s success is our success.

  • Persistence, Resilience and Hard Work

    We find a way no matter what. We don’t dwell on failures; we acknowledge the situation, learn from our mistakes, and then move forward. We work hard not just to get returns but because we believe in hard work as an ethic and value. We believe that making a commitment to hard work is making a commitment to our own success.

  • Take ownership and deliver results

    We take ownership to solve problems and deliver results. We own the results of our actions and take responsibility of our failures. We make sure no one repeats the mistakes.

  • Bias for Action

    We take decisions quickly and act upon them. We promote action oriented behaviour rather than discussion based work. We believe a bad decision is better than no decision.

  • Strive for excellence

    We ensure that whatever we do, we aspire to become best in that domain. We push each other for excellence. We don’t stop until we get there.

  • Unreasonably selective about team

    A company is nothing without the team. We ensure that we work with people who are inclined towards our vision and believe in our values. We don’t look for employees, we look for teammates who complement us.

  • Open and Honest

    We talk to each other when in doubt. We stand up to what we believe is right even though it might be uncomfortable to do so. We believe we can still be polite and respectful, even when we are having an open, difficult and honest conversation.

  • Disagree and Commit

    We believe conflict, discussion and debate are healthy. Ideas win and not the loudest person in the room or the highest title. We commit to the decisions made regardless of whether we agree or not.

  • Modesty

    We believe that our success is a function of a lot of people who have done their job really well. We are ‘quiet confident’ & let our actions speak louder than our words.

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