Conversational AI platform for Indian enterprises supporting 10 languages

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With the voice assistant, we’re able to provide a high-quality and user-friendly contact centre experience, along with efficient call routing when required. worked closely with us to ensure a successful implementation
Ahmed Raza
IT-Head, Barbeque Nation

Call Centre Automation

Automate upto 80% of call centre conversations. Save significant costs.
Handle limitless calls
At any given time in the day, without queuing.
Consistent conversation
Aligned to your brand and handled as per the call’s intention.
Easier information handover
Singular channel as and when your information gets updated.
Contextual & personalised conversation
Tailored as per individual person.

Brands are investing heavily in Conversational AI.

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With, you get

Increased Sales
Sales play a pivotal role in the success of a business. Our solutions can significantly increase agents efficiency by helping them focus on closing deals while we take care of scheduling and easy to collect data points.
Improved Customer Experience
Customer experience can make or break a company. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant makes customer care effortless, making for happy customers who keep coming back.
Deployment Flexibility
You can choose between our hosted solution, managing the solution in your own cloud or a full enterprise-installable version that integrates with traditional on-prem systems.
Increased Automation
Our technology allows for unprecedented comprehension, so customers can speak in their own words to get what they want, faster. This means efficiently and accurately handling complex issues that would typically be sent to an agent.
Enterprise Scale
We handle the most critical business applications for some of the India's most well-known brands. With millions of customer transactions, and growing, we have the know-how to make sure your applications are always up and running.
Cost Savings
Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant can handle simple, repetitive tasks that without involving live agents. Your customers will save time with efficient self-service, and your agents will be free to handle more complex issues, saving you money.

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